We build web apps.

We leverage the uber tools of the web world: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery to quickly build web apps that impress. We love solving tough problems, learning from our customers, and working on projects together. Ya dig?

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Athens Uptown connects businesses in Athens, OH with potential customers!
California Criminal Law Reporter
Schedule recording sessions for you and your students!

Athens Uptown Admin Interface

Backend interface for the Athens Uptown iOS app

We were approached by Acacia Tree Software to build a web administration backend for the Athens County Chamber of Commerce iOS app. While the initial requirements were simple, they have started to evolve it into a fully featured mobile local business portal. Stay tuned for this iOS app to come to a local-centric city near you.

California Criminal Law Reporter

California Criminal Law Reporter

California Criminal Law Report is a service of Patrick Morgan Ford, based out of San Diego, California to help appeals and criminal lawers stay on top of California law decisions. We were called in to make some changes and develop a plan for Rails 4 migration, service modernization, and host migration.

Visit californiacriminallawreporter.com



Phil and Ricky, RBSavvy founders, are graduates of the Ohio University School of Media Arts Studies Audio Production Program. They all love music, and enjoy working in the recording studio. During their time at OU, they concocted a web-based scheduling application to schedule recording sessions, report problems, and to learn about what their classmates are recording.